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Cut your electric bill up to 50% immediately with no money down!

Lease your system for no money down now

Stellar Solar, SunPower and Citibank have teamed up to offer this game-changing, zero down solar lease. Pay nothing up front and make a monthly payment that saves you money right away.

Pre-Pay your lease and make no monthly lease payments

You can also Pre-Pay your lease for FAR LESS than it would cost you today to purchase a system outright. When you Pre-Pay a lease you will not have a monthly lease payment and you still get the maintenance and production benefits that come along with leasing.

Find out what your savings will be by scheduling a free solar site evaluation today.

*Obtain a quote for your home by completing the form on this page to see what your immediate savings and buy-out price will be. Lease offer is contingent on credit approval.

SunPower and Stellar Solar

Residential solar installation with SunPower panelsStellar Solar has been installing SunPower solar panels since 2001. They are a favorite among our many solar customers because of their appearance, design and quality. Many San Diego homeowners also prefer to buy their solar panels from an American company.

SunPower only distributes solar panels to a select few solar installers in San Diego, and Stellar Solar is proud to be a leader in their dealer network. Each solar panel installer is rigorously screened by SunPower. Only a select few applicants qualify. Each SunPower solar installer must have local expertise and financial stability. Stellar Solar was chosen for our 600+ solar installations since 1998 and our quality workmanship. We were certified and trained on SunPower equipment.

SunPower Superior Design

SunPower solar panelThe all-black appearance of the solar panel cells is the most attractive design available. The streamlined design is completely free of metal grid lines. They are low-profile and come with corrosion-resistant black frames. The front glass is tempered for impact resistance.

The high efficiency rating lends itself to the size of SunPower solar panels. Each solar panel utilizes less roof space to integrate into unique architectural styles of San Diego homes. Stellar Solar can position each solar panel in the optimal location on the roof to maximize solar electricity production. Because of the smaller size of SunPower solar panels, more space is left for expansion if you decide to add more solar panels in the future.

E-Series Solar Panels (20% Efficiency)
SunPower 327 Solar Panel (Download PDF)

X-Series Solar Panels (21.5% Efficiency)
SunPower 360 Solar Panel (Download PDF)
SunPower 345 Solar Panel (Download PDF)

SunPower Equinox

With it's step into the solar monitoring industry, SunPower now provides an all-in-one solar installation setup that includes the panels, monitoring system and monitoring software all under one warranty. This innovative step towards creating a fully unified residential solar system that links all elements of the system, from the panels to the monitoring, all from the same company, is unique to SunPower. That's why we are very excited to be able to offer the Equinox program. For more information:

SunPower Equinox (Download PDF)
SunPower Residential Monitoring (Download PDF)

Module 40-Year Useful Life

SunPower solar panels now have a 40-year useful life, which is their guarantee that 99% of the panels they install will produce 70% of their power for 40 years. This guarantee is based on their new design changes that are better suited to real-world stresses than previous models. Details on the research an innovations can be found here:

40 Year Design Life (Download PDF)

25-Year Combined Warranty

With SunPower's recent innovations in their panel technology, they can now offer a 25-year combined warranty on all their solar systems. With this warranty you can rest assured that your system will perform optimally for the long run, as, under the warranty, any non-producing or under-producing panels will immediately be fixed by SunPower or Stellar Solar upon it's detection. This warranty is unique to SunPower, and is the best in the industry. For more info:

25-Year Combined Warranty (Download PDF)

The SunPower Corporation

  • Billion-dollar public company (SPWRA)
  • Over 5,000 employees
  • 27% market share in California and 49% market share in New York
  • Largest residential solar install base in the United States

Many major companies trust SunPower solar panels. Among them are Hewlett Packard, FedEx, Del Monte, Microsoft, Macy’s, PG&E, Toyota and the United States Department of Energy.

Because SunPower solar panels require positive-ground power inverters, the company has teamed up with industry leaders SMA-America to provide inverter products with the SunPower private label. All inverters are protected by 10-year limited warranties.

SPRm 5000 Inverter

SunPower SPRm Inverters

SPRm 3000-4000 Series Inverter (Download PDF)
SPRm 5000-6000-7000 Series Inverter (Download PDF)

SPRf 6500f and 8000f Inverter

SunPower SPRf Inverters

SPR-3300f & SPR-4000f Series Inverter (Download PDF)
SPR-6500f & SPR-8000f Series Inverter (Download PDF)

Angie's List Super Service Award
BBB Online Reliability Program California Solar Energy Industries Association Solar Energy Industries Association Member Mitsubishi ElectricSunEdison Solar SunPower Premier Dealer LG Solar