Nissan Leaf Powered by the Sun and Stellar Solar

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BMW ActiveE

Power Your Electric Vehicle with Stellar Solar!

Stellar Solar management and our customers are committed to walking the talk when it comes to putting solar to daily, practical use. Stellar Vice President of Sales & Marketing Michael Powers and customer Peder Norby both drive electric vehicles that are powered by Stellar Solar systems on their homes.

Michael Powers drives a new Nissan Leaf and Peder Norby a Mini E Electric Mini Cooper. The electric car is here today with Tesla, Mini E, ActivE, Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf. Nearly every major manufacturer offers some version of a plug-in Electric Vehicle or hybrid including popular models such as the Ford Fusion and Toyota Prius. Instead of filling these cars up at the gas station, you recharge them overnight in your own garage. And if your home is solar-powered, your car is also solar powered!

But what’s really surprising is the cost. As the chart below explains, a typical gas-powered car currently costs about 20¢ per mile in fuel cost. Drive an EV plugged into the power grid and your cost-per-mile is more than cut in half — to 5.7¢. Plug that EV into your solar-powered home and your car fuel cost drops down to as little as 2¢ per mile! That’s equivalent to 39.9¢ per gallon gasoline in a gas-powered car!

Using solar energy to power your home is a great idea… using solar energy from your house to power your car, too is an even better idea! Stellar Solar is leading the way to that brighter future and can assist you in planning a system for your home and your electric car needs.

Gasoline Car Electric Car Solar Electric Car
Fuel Cost $4.00/gallon 20¢ per kWh 7¢ per kWh
Car Mileage 20 mpg 3.5 mi per kWh 3.5 mi per kWh
Cost per Mile 20¢ per mile 5.7¢ per mile 2¢ per mile
100 Mile Trip      
Fuel Needed 5 gallons 28.6 kWh 28.6 kWh
Trip Cost $20.00 $5.72 $2.00

Peder Norby, San Diego Counting Planning Commissioner and Carlsbad resident

Solar powered electric Mini E and Honda Fit

Peder's family currently owns one electric BMW mini E car and drives 18,000 miles annually, spending $3,000 worth of gasoline. Below is their energy bill before a second Honda Fit ev was added to the fleet. The additional electric vehicle will add $2400 gasoline offset and raise their utility bill to approximately $500 a year.

Pre-solar energy bill from 12/15/2006 to 11/15/2007
Average: $411 per month / Total: $4928 for the year

Post-solar energy bill from 8/12/2012
Minimum Cost: $35.70
Solar Electricity Generated: 186 kW
Applied Credit: $61.18
Remaining Credit: $320.89

Total due: $0
Angie's List Super Service Award
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